Monthly Archives: January 2013

Printer Nightmares

Ever watched the TV show Kitchen Nightmares featuring the chef, Gordon Ramsey? One of the best chefs in the world visited struggling restaurants for a week in an attempt to get them back on the right track. Overwhelmed by the sheer negligence of the restaurant owners, Gordon struggles to stay a couple of days let alone an entire week. Eventually, a breakthrough occurs and he’s able to just grin and bare it enough to get through the week just like many of us do regularly. Sound like a good show? I think I’ve got a better idea! Continue reading

Data center migration – Part 1

Full disclosure: This is only my 2nd experience with migrating a data center and the first time I was working with a much smaller network and infrastructure in general with a stacked pair of 3750s using static routes, some L2 2960s and a couple of ASA 5510s.

This last experience is what I’ll be writing about. But first, let me give you some background on the data center before we moved. Continue reading


If you look in the dictionary for the word “packetologist”, you won’t find it. So what is a packetologist and why am I calling myself that? The truth is, I don’t even know what a packetologist is but it was something that my co-workers called me one day in jest and I liked it, so I decided to run with it. Despite being a means of playing around with me, I also believe they made this term up because they know the passion that I have for most things technology related, especially when it comes to networking. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, Continue reading