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Building a power conversion tool in Python

I’ve been doing less and less Python development since moving to a new company back in June. At my previous employer, I worked on Python command-line scripts and a custom-built web app fairly often that assisted with daily, monotonous tasks as well as troubleshooting. I really enjoyed the process of learning more about Python and developing tools that helped not just myself, but also my team.

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ping localhost – where have I been?


It seems like forever since my last post and I apologize for that but I have been particularly busy. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to over the last month or so.

I was contacted by another organization on base that had some interest in hiring me; they serve as a service provider and network architect team for us. When they first approached me, I was very interested in the position. I would be working with a dual CCIE and a bunch of really smart guys that seemed to enjoy their jobs. I would get to work with a bunch of new technologies and products that I have yet to in my current role which is a definite bonus. However, one critical requirement existed that I did not have. I had to have an MCSE 2012 or MCITP Enterprise Administrator certification to even be considered. Continue reading

Data center migration – Part 1

Full disclosure: This is only my 2nd experience with migrating a data center and the first time I was working with a much smaller network and infrastructure in general with a stacked pair of 3750s using static routes, some L2 2960s and a couple of ASA 5510s.

This last experience is what I’ll be writing about. But first, let me give you some background on the data center before we moved. Continue reading


If you look in the dictionary for the word “packetologist”, you won’t find it. So what is a packetologist and why am I calling myself that? The truth is, I don’t even know what a packetologist is but it was something that my co-workers called me one day in jest and I liked it, so I decided to run with it. Despite being a means of playing around with me, I also believe they made this term up because they know the passion that I have for most things technology related, especially when it comes to networking. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, Continue reading