On to greener pastures?

This weekend I was really excited because I knew I’d be starting my new job today. I’m changing companies and organizations on base, but I’m only moving about 500 feet down the road. It will certainly be bittersweet to a degree since I’ll be able to see my former office whenever I come in and leave for the day but it was time for a change and I really feel like this was the best decision for me going forward.

From what I know about the position, I’ll be transitioning from supporting a campus enterprise (meaning multiple buildings spread across a geographical area) to an enterprise network inside one large building. We do have some VPN users that we may have to support from time to time but the bulk of our users are housed inside the same building. I’ll get to work with the Cisco Nexus platform including 7ks, 5ks, and 2ks, the Cisco Catalyst line including 6500s and 3750s, Cisco ASAs as well as Blue Coat web proxies and f5 load balancers. I’ve never had the opportunity to work with the latter 2 so it should be interesting to get my hands dirty.

Please wish me luck as I transition into my newest adventure as this isn’t the first time I’ve left this company. I took a brief “hiatus” from December 2011 to February 2012 when I worked for a not-for-profit organization that was a lot closer to home. It didn’t quite work out as the network was extremely small and I could see a very limited growth ceiling so I ended up back on base. I really appreciate the opportunity that my now former company (x2) gave me in allowing me back which speaks volumes about the type of company and people they are. It can also serve to tell somewhat of a story (positive mostly I hope) about me if they were willing to hire me back. I hope things work out for them and myself going forward, but only time will tell. Thanks in advance for the luck and hopefully look forward to some blog posts related to the things I learn at my new job!