Fitness with friends at WLPC

I’ll be heading to WLPC for the first time since 2020 and I’m finally starting to get a little excited. Nate York, who first got me hooked on the WLPC run club unfortunately won’t be there, but I’m going to try and continue the spirit of it on his behalf. Below, you’ll find my plans for maintaining my fitness while in Phoenix. The offer is open to anyone and everyone and I’ll be using the hashtag of #WLPCFit on Twitter for communication and reminders. I hope to see a good amount of participation!

Land in Phoenix around 4pm local time
Hopefully checked in at hotel by 5:30pm local and on my way to Piestewa Peak which is about 3 miles away from the hotel so I’ll jog/run to it. If anyone’s interested in joining me, DM or tweet at me on Twitter

Run a 4-6 mile out and back, meeting at the front desk area of the hotel at 5:45am – This should give everyone enough time to shower and grab some much needed carbs at breakfast before the main conference begins

*** All distances and paces are welcome. In the past, we have typically tried to stay together, but people will head back as desired and people can go as fast or slow as they’d like ***

Bodyweight and/or dumbbell style workout in hotel gym, starting at 6am – I’ll guide a quick warm-up and brief everyone on the workout which may depend on the number of people that show up.

*** Run club can and should still go on without me (meet at 5:45am) and I definitely encourage that. My body does not like to run that many miles multiple days in a row so I’ll be giving it a break on Wednesday ***

Run a 3-5 mile out and back, meeting at the front desk area of the hotel at 5:45am. I’m planning on doing less mileage on this day since I’ll eventually have to get on a plane later that day and I already know my body will be a little sore.